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By knowing these things will help you catch them. For beginners, Chinook salmon fishing may be too much for you, but here are some things you need to know. Due to the fact that salmon fishing in Canada known in the world, you can expect a lot of salmon fishing charters wherever you want to spend your fishing trip. After knowing what salmon like and dislike, you probably have a little idea on what to expect and what to do.

Typically the variety of salmon will have different weights but the fish in this area may range in size from 25 to 90 pounds for mature adults. You definitely can also use some salmon fishing tips to get your hopes up. So, how's your salmon fishing? Were you able to reach your limit? We were often limiting out in just a couple hours with 6-10 Chinook (Kings). So often, a slow day in Gabriola is someone else's good day! I know from now having guided at a few different places along the coast and then here for the past 6 years.

This year we are averaging Chinook (Kings) from 12-15 lbs and getting a few in the high teens and low 20s. This has made Vancouver Island known all over the world, though other places have their share of fame when it comes to Chinook salmon fishing. 5 or 2 hour ferry ride away depending on which ferry you take.

In 2018 the salmon returns were predicted to be very large in a fishing few rivers around us and therefore we knew we were going to see a good season-we just didn't know it was going to be this good! We started catching salmon very close to Silva Bay in March, April and early May. Below is a general list of the body of water and the type and size of salmon that are typically for the area and body of water. Also, make sure that you will belong to a fishing charter operating only with small groups. It was the best fishing I had ever had and since have come to realize that fishing out of Gabriola is so much better than almost any other area along the coast.

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After all, if fishing was so poor south of the border, how good could it possibly be just a ways north? What makes salmon fishing in Canada different from salmon fishing in other places and why is it very popular all over the world? There could be a lot of reasons why salmon fishing in Canada is something that many salmon fishing enthusiasts wanted to take. For years the salmon fishing charter Gabriola sport fisherman would fish in close to shore and the commercial fisherman would fish 20 miles offshore.